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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How To Make Your Own Envelopes

I am posting a link to the Score-Pal website here & on the side of my blog under Websites. It has plenty of tutorials for many different types of projects.

I am posting the link here for envelopes, because some of you on the Cricut MB has been asking. I've found this very helpful.

I hope you find this helpful.
Comments & questions are always welcomed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Popcorn Box

I made this popcorn box for my nephew's birthday present. I gave him a gift certificate for the movie & it looked like a bucket of popcorn & was scratch & sniff. It smelled just like buttered popcorn. So I thought this would be perfect. I got the idea to use the ice cream cut from DC from Kim S. (2bzboyz) on the Cricut MB. She made a LO with popcorn on it.
CDS, TBBM - popcorn box, DC - (popcorn) ice cream
Cut the Popcorn box @ 5 1/2"
Cut the big pieces of popcorn @ 2 1/2" blackout yellow & regular white.
Cut the smaller pieces of popcorn @ 1 1/2" blackout yellow & regular white.
Layered the popcorn pieces. Edged around the pieces w/ yellow LePlume II markers. Colored in the popcorn w/ 2 shades of yellow chalk.
Thanks for looking. Comments & questions welcomed.

6 Year Old B-Day Card

This is the card that I made for my mom to give to my nephew.
CDS - I welded all the words together in one box & sized it to fit on the card. I cut it out of white cardstock. I made different pages for each word & made sure that it fit on the entire base (keeping the preview on page). The I cut each word out of different colored cardstock & layered it on the base.
OA for all of the font.
See-D's stamps for the confetti.
Thanks for looking. Comments & questions welcomed.

A Stitch In Time...

I made these little trains for Ms. Carolyn, "My Snowball Lady". I had made her a train card for her 1st grandchild & she loved it. Her 2nd grandchild (also a boy) is due in October. They are going with a train theme for her shower. So I made these trains for her to put on some glass jars with flowers in them as center pieces on the tables.
They also fit into the challenge this week on Papertake Weekly so I am entering it in that too.
I used CDS to cut only the train engine & to make sure the M's fit on the train right.
NA for the train & MM for the M
I used my Cutter Bee Piercing Bug (single) to mark the holes for the stitching.
White Gelly Roll pen for the stitching
LePlume II markers for inking & hole marks in the stitching
Brads for the center of the wheels.
Thanks for looking. Comments & questions welcomed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Videos by Dawn5377

This link of Youtube videos was brought to my attention on the Cricut MB. Thank you KimF. for posting this on the MB. Kim also credited AmyBird of for bringing it to her attention.

Dawn has a lot of very informative tutorials here. We can all learn so much from her. I wanted to give these videos another outlet. So here is the link:

I also posted the link on the side under Favorite Videos.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Birthday Card

This is the card that I made for my mom to give. It is for my cousin's 40th Birthday. I wanted to do something a little more sophisticated for this one. I hope I accomplished that. I used SYI for everything on this & welded them all together in DS. Then I cut the bows & layered them on the presents. I also cut an extra (center) flourish & layered that too. I used glitter glue on the bows & Liquid Embossing on the small flourishes.
Thanks for looking. Comments & questions welcomed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GOING BUGGY (Blog Candy)

Hop on over to Enfys blog. Her blog is great. It is so informative & her cards are awesome.
She is giving away a wonderful selection of goodies so go look & see. Offer Ends Tuesday August 26, 2008. Here is the link to her blog.

Juliet's Paper Palace

Her blog is wonderful & she is giving away some great BLOG CANDY this week. Offer Ends Saturday August 23, 2008. Please stop by to check it out. The link for the BLOG CANDY is:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank You Card

I made this card for the couple that is charge of the Alter Servers of our Church. They deal with so much and have grown our Alter Server Community so much since they have taken it over.
It is also my entry for the weekly challenge for Papertake Weekly
CDS, MM, OA, Threading Waters Punch
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

40th Birthday Cards

Well, I found out this week that we will have two 40th Surprise Birthday parties to attend. Neither of them know about my blog yer, so this won't blow it - LOL.
I also sent this in for Daily Scrapper's weekend challenge #3
This first one is for my cousin:
CDS, Ribbon from M's, frame is from SYI, 40 is from G & BS, & white mini brads
This one is for my sister in law:
CDS, Scallop circles 5" & 4 1/2" (placed inside the 5' to make a frame) from MM, 40 from G & BS (placed inside 4" circle)
Happy & Birthday from OA each word cut at 4 1/2" wide x 1" height.
Liquid Embossing inside the 40.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

Dinosaur Birthday Card

I made this card for my nephew's 6th birthday. He has always loved dinosaurs.
I also entered this into Daily Scrapper's weekend challenge.
I used CDS only to make sure all items were sized right & to make sure they all fit on the card.
Sun was cut from DC. All other pieces were cut from PDDU.
I colored all pieces with LePlumeII Double Ended markers.
The inside is stamped (All Night Media) with Ballons & "It's Your 6th Birthday!".
I hand wrote the sentiment of: We hope it is Dino-mite!
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank You (Shoe)

I made this card for a very good friend. She gave my daughter a gift certificate to get some school shoes. I entered this card in a challenge on DailyScrapper's blog The challange was to use any Cricut cut, colors were to be black & white, & you had to use ribbon in some way. you might want to check it out. She has 2 more challenges this weekend.
I used CDS, PDDU, OA, & SYI. In CDS, I skooched one shoe off of the mat so that it would only cut one. The ribbon is from Michael's. I used a white Gelly Roll pen for the scored marks on the shoe. I also used the CAD to punch the holes to lace the ribbon. I also used Liquid Embossing on the "Thank You", it just doesn't show well in the pic.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are welcomed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bookmark Swap

First off let me thank MarciaBorer from the Cricut MB for sponsoring this Swap.

This is the first swap that I ever joined. I had so much fun making these. Some of them are fairly simple, but I tried to make them all a little different. Just like making cards, I like them all to have their own personality. I hope that everyone that gets one enjoys them.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

Thanks Okieladybug!

I received my Cricut Head Decals yesterday.  As soon as I got them open, I put them on the van.  I think the kids were just as excited as I was to get them.  Thanks Okie for doing this for everyone.
You can order them from Okie.  The information is on her blog:
On my van:  I got the one with the black shadow, but it's hard to see on the tinted windows.
Closeup on the van:
Thanks for looking.  Questions & comments are welcomed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Back to School

I have been trying to get this finished for my daughter's first day of school. I made it, just barely! She is starting a new school this year, so I wanted to makes some welcome treats for her classmates. There are only 9 children in her class including her, so I thought, "Piece of Cake, I can knock that out in no time." Well, when I started to make them, it was harder to decide what I wanted to do than it was to actually make them. But, I can't ever seem to get a project "finished". I am one that, when I think it is done, I find more that I want to add. I need to learn, when enough is enough.

Details: CDS, TBBM, DC, OA, MM, Studio G Stamp, See-D's Stamps, MCPT, Glitter Glue, Pop Dots

All 9 Bags:

Close up of apple: MCPT & Studio G Clear Stamp (Sept. Set)
This is what each child received: Decorated Lunchbag from TBBM, Decorated Bookmark Tag from TBBM, Notepad, & 4 Markers

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are welcomed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good News

Well, my first bit a good news came Monday morning from Okieladybug. She e-mailed me to let me know that my Cricut Head Decals were being mailed. Thanks so much Okie. I can't wait to get them from the mail. I will post pics as soon as I get them.
My second bit of good news came Tuesday. AND THIS IS HUGE!!! I received an e-mail from ProvoCraft. They sent me the code for my FREE CDS (promotion w/ the Michael's sale a few weeks ago). Well, my computer is so slow (still on dial up), so I figured I would not be have time to set it up &; play until the weekend. I tried it &; it works, YAY!! It didn't take very long either. However, I did already have the trial version loaded.
It came in just in time, too. I used it to make some Back to School gifts for my daughter's class. It saved me so much time. Yeah right! (LOL) It really took longer, I HAD to play. It did save me alot of work though. At least I didn't have to glue each &; every letter. I could do WORDS.
Thanks for listening, I mean reading. Questions & comments are welcomed.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Stuff Finally!

OK, it looks like I am finished posting all of my projects pre-blog at least what I have pics of. Now I can start posting new things. I just have to get them done first. Now that I have my blog (somewhat done), I can get my projects worked on. I have several that are due this week & don't know when I am going to find the time. Oh well, it will happen.

Fair Booth Decoration & .cut file (Pre Blog)

The poster I made for our booth in our parish fair.I am adding the .cut file for the crab, jellyfish, octopus, & squid HERE. Mermaid Merman Fish Clam Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

My Altered Cuttlebug (Pre Blog)

Just sharing my altered Cuttlebug. I found some glitter stickers from Target & got inspired to alter it. I really stepped outside of my comfort zone, but I really like it. I figured it's only stickers, if I don't like it or get tired of it, I can just take them off.
Now to get brave enought to do Kosmo (my Baby Bug).
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paper Dolls (Pre Blog)

This is the first paper doll set that I had made. I made it for a friend's 9 year old twins for their birthday.
Each girl got a bride & groom (clothes not changeable), a boy & a girl doll, a set of clothes to change. Pic only shows 1 set of clothes - each girl received an identical set. Also one of the girls had bangs & the other didn't, so that's how I made their dolls too.
Katelyn's favorite color was yellow.
Kacie's favorite color was blue.
I also made each girl a binder to hold all of the dolls & the clothes.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.

Cards (All Pre Blog)

This is a birthday card for a very beautiful princess.
This is a birthday card for a very special friend.
This is a card that I made for my brother's 26th birthday
This is a card that I made for my grandmother. She used to collect turtle figurines & things.
I made this one for a Cricut MB Sister. She was trying to prove her husband wrong. He said that she could never get enough cards to make a card border around her scrap room. We proved him wrong (LOL). Father's Day Card
Mother's Day Card (Full 81/2 x 11 page)
Father's Day Card
Card for a friend that is moving to another state
A Dancing Card for a very good friend's daughter
The next two are for a friend's set of twins for thier b-day
A card for my neice
A card for a friend's son & entered posted for the Cricut Demonstrator Survey
A card for my neice that was having surgery (it went with her bouquet)
A thank you / appreciation card for a very good friend
A birthday card for a friend's daughter It was my first attempt at the MCPT.
A card for my "Snowball Lady" She just had her first grandchild (a boy)
A thank you card for okieladybug - Cricut MB
My first entry for a challenge. Thank You Shannon Leffew for the challenge. It is going to a very good friend.
Another part of Okie's card
A TY card for my parents. You know they always do so much for us. It also folowed a challenge on Papertake Weekly.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments welcomed.