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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ready To Start Posting Again

Well, I'm ready.  Feeling a little back to myself.  But now I have just one problem.  I can't find the USB cable for my camera so that I can upload pics.  So, I guess it will be a little more time.

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed. Lori

Friday, October 8, 2010

Update - Unusual Post

I would like to start out by saying that this is a very unusual post for me.  I rarely, if ever post anything personal on my blog.

I just want to apologize for not being here for a while & it may take a little longer for me to get back.
I'm sorry to those that have been wanting to see & hear about my first craft fair.  Well it went absolutely great.  I think I did well for my first one & I even received a call inviting me to another one in November.  I will post pics from my craft fair when I am back to myself.

Here is the personal side of this post & explanation as to why I have been absent.

My craft fair was on Sat. 9/25.  Then in the middle of the night Sunday 9/26 / Monday 9/27, my dad passed away very suddenly.  I have been there for my mother and now just have to take some time to myself to get back to being me.
Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed. Lori