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Friday, January 30, 2009

Playground Fundraiser

A while back, Gerilynn (Mommyto3) from the Cricut MB was asking for cards to help rebuild her community's playground. This is what she said:
"A friend and I are attempting to earn money through fundraising, grants, and donations to earn enough money to purchase new playground equipment for our very small community. Out town is very small and we only have 1 playground, which is in terrible condition. On the saftey report card for playgrounds, we received a 3, anything under a 7 and the park should be closed to children. We really want to make this work so we can have a nice park for our children here."
She was asking for people to make cards for them to aution/raffle off to raise money for this cause. They are having a dinner in February to raise money and will be using some of the cards received as doorprises and some will be auctioned off in sets.
I mentioned this to Gracie from The Lime Light and we made this our January task. Let's hope our cards get the children back into their playground. Click on over to The Lime Light to see the wonderful cards our members have made for the children.
Here are the 10 cards that I made.

Sandra this is my first stitched card. Thank you for the piercer and the templates.
Thanks for looking. Questions and comments are always welcomed.
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Birthday Cards

Yeah, I know you all are glad I'm finished with Christmas. Espceially since it is almost Valentine's Day. OH NO, I haven't even started on them yet. I might have them posted around Easter, LOL.
This first card was for my dad. Men's cards are the hardest for me, I think. Still not sure if I like this one. But, he got it anyway.
This one was for my niece Jenna. She turned 8 and just loved this card/wall or door hanger.
I hand wrote a birthday note on the back.
Misc. paper, CDS for the flower frames andfor the name & frame, I usde flitter glue for the center of the flowers, misc. ribbon for hanger, misc. flower & flower eylet set with the crop-a-dile.

Thanks for looking. Questions and comments are always welcomed.
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OK 1 More - Christmas Card

I made this card for the recipient (Misty)of my NSS gift for The Lime Light.
Misc. Cardstock, Martha Stewart Button Punch (Thanks Nilda for the enabling), Cuttlebug with the button ebossing border folder, stamp from My Favorite Things (I think).
I used NO (GASP!!) cricut on this card.
Thanks for looking. Questions and comments are always welcomed.
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Christmas is Over - Ornaments

Here is the last of Christmas. These are the ornaments I made as gifts for the women in my family. I won't have much description in this post, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks for looking. Questions and comments are always welcomed.

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More Christmas - Tags

Still catching up. Here are some of the tags that I made to put on the gifts. My camera was acting up so I didn't have a chance to get pic of all of them. All of these (except the 1st) was intended to be used as ornaments as too.

This first one really isn't a tag, but a holder for my sister-in-law. I made a pocket on the inside for her gift certificate and make a belly band for the outside. I decorated it with some layered snowflakes.

This tag was for my bother-in-law. He is one of the biggest LSU fans, so I knew this would go over well.

This one was on my niece Maddie's gift. It was supposed to be a tree, but didn't work out that way. I used the cuttlebug with the swiss dots embossing folder. I layered each flower with a pop dot between them. I topped it off with a skittle.

This one was for my niece Jensen. I just loved this cardstock & thought it would make a cute stocking.

This one was for my niece Brooklyne. I'm sure by now everyone knows her favorite colors are green & purple. So, of course I had to use them.
I made this one, not sure who it would go to. It ended up on my mom's present. This tag was inspired by a Christmas card that Snowflak made. Please check out her blog.

This one is actually a gift card holder. I made a pocket on the back. This one went to by boss. I liked that it was Christmassy, but still masculine. I used CDS to cut out the tag & pocket. I used printed cardstock for the trees, used the cuttlebug with embossing folders on them & sanded them to give them an aged look. I attached them with pop dots.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed.
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Christmas Gifts - Wall Letters

Well, I am playing catch up from Christmas. Here are the wall letters that I made for my nieces. They would also make great presents for any occasion too.
I used the white wooden letters from Michael's. I painted and decorated them for each of the girl's personalities.

Brooklyne is 11 years old and her favorite colors are green & purple. (This is the niece that I made the get well bouquet for earlier.) I used CDS for her name & "beautiful". I made my own printed paper with a stamp them cut out the words. I hear embossed the Angel Face. I used misc. buttons & prima flowers. I put purple & green ribbon on the outside edge. I sealed the entire letter after being decorated with a spray (Preserve It) sealer.

Jensen is my bright eyed 7 year old niece. Her room is decorated in bright colors, so what little girl doesn't like bright pink? I found the perfect ribbon (M's dollar bin) to incorporate all of the colors into this letter. I used CDS to cut her name & the word "joyful". I heat embossed her name & the princess crown. I used misc. buttons, prima flowers with a skittle in the middle. Sealed the same as the letter above.

Maddie is 11 too. She is the quiet one in the bunch. I used CDS to cut out her name & make sure the purple scallop would fit. I ciated her name with irridescent glitter glue. I used misc. buttons, lots of prima flowers * cricut cut flowers. I put brads in the middle of all of the flowers to hold them all together. I also heat embossed the "pretty as a picture". Seales the same as above.
Thanks for looking. All questions & comments are welcomed.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

I Was Tagged!! Twice (October '08 & January '09

I was tagged a while back (in October). I'm sorry I have not had the time to keep up with my blog the way I would like. I am trying to catch up (a little, anyway) now. Thank You Michelle. It is wonderful to be acknowledged in this way. Here is how the game is played:

Link your tagger (see link to Michelle above).

Share 7 facts about yourself (some random & some weird).

Tag 7 people at the end of your post, leaving names and links to thier blogs.

Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Facts about me:

1) I will be 40 this year.

2) I am terrified to and WILL NOT drive bridges.

3) I love brussell sprouts, but not many other veggies.

4) I have only lived in the same area (within 20 miles) my entire life.

5) My middle name is Denise.

6) I will be married only ONCE.

7) My husband is my best friend.

Who I Am Tagging:

Melanie, Leah, Tammy, Nilda, Chris, Randi, and Michelle

I was tagged by the very talented ScrappinMaMa. Thank you so much.

What I understand is I have to go to my pictures and look in the 6th folder and post the 6th picture and explain it. I am also to pick 6 friends that visit my blog that I would like to get to know better and let them know that they have been tagged. Also post a link to the person that tagged me ( see link to ScrappinMaMa).
My DS will probably kill me for posting this pic, but here it is. This pic was on Halloween night 2007, he was 11 years old. He dressed up as a girl. It was such a funny night, b/c he was standing right next to us & people that have known him his whole life would ask where he was. When we told them that this was him, they were shocked. You can see real pics of him in the slide show on top of my blog.

Here are the friends that I am tagging:
Thanks for looking. Comments & questions always welcomed.
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