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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Completed Christmas Party Favors

These are the Christmas Party Favors all packaged up for my daughter's school party. You can see the details on all of the individual pieces here: Part 1 Wrapped Candy, Part 2 Santa Peppermint Patties, Part 3 Nugget Presents, Part 4 Kit Kat Wrapper, and Part 5 Ornaments.

This is what I consider the front side: Showing the Kit Kat Wrapper & the Wrapped Candy along with the tag (not showing to well.

For the tag I used Stretch Your Imagination for the snowman and the circle tags (I think). I made a shadow and regular cut of the circle tag. I used CDS to cut the snowman our of the green layer. I them used Pop Dots to adhere the positive snowman over the negative cut out. My daughter signed the back of the tags.

This is a pic of the backside: Showing the Ornament, Santa Suit Patties, and the Nugget Presents.

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed.

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