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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Party Favors - Part 1: Wrapped Candy

This is the first part of the favors for my daughter's school Christmas Party.
TP Rolls cut in half to make the holders.
Wrapping Paper
Curling Ribbon
Heat Gun
UTEE mixed with (red) glitter
(?) Cart for the candy canes. For the life of me I can't remember which cart these came from.
CDS - used to hide the other piece of candy from the cuts.
Buttons & Ribbon
Adhesive of choice

Wrap the TP Rolls with the wrapping paper. Tie off one end with the curling ribbon. Fill with candy, toy, or whatever will fit & tie up the other end with curling ribbon. I put in 3 small individually wrapped candy canes. Curl the ribbon.

To decorate:
On the solid parts of the red candy cane pieces I used a Versamarker, covered with UTEE & glitter mixture & set with the heat gun. Repeat until you have the coverage you like (it took me about 3 times for solid coverage).

TIP: Zig 2-way glue works well too for the 1st application of the UTEE & Glitter. Then after heating - not long, go over that with the Versamarker & UTEE combo. one more time. I found that on the 1st application with the Zig glue - more of the UTEE & glitter was adhered.

Thread the button with ribbon & tie into a knot. Trim ribbon & adhere to candy canes. Then adhere the candy canes to the wrapped candy.

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed.

1 comment:

redrose21 said...

These are very cute and a great idea!