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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Party Favors

Well, these are the party favors for my daughter's second grade class. I was having a hard time with how to make favors for boys for Valentines day that were not too "girly". Well, they will like the candy inside anyway.
I made 4 red ones for the boys. I stamped the red cardstock with white ink. I used the XOXOXO stamp in the Studio G Feb. set. Then I made bookmarks (using CDS to weld hearts & a rectangle) stamped with red on red hearts & layered silhouette ans solid hearts on the ends of the bookmark. I used white ribbon with red hearts on the end of the bookmarks and to attach them to the sour cream containers. Click HERE for instructions. I also used my crimper & Terrifically Tacky Tape to seal the edges. To make the containers I used 8 x 5 1/2 cardstock. I wanted these to be a little bigger. They are filled with a mini fruit roll up, a fruit by the foot, and a plastic heart maze.
I made 7 pink ones for the girls. The girl's containers are pink with red hearts stamped (misc. stamp that I picked up somewhere). For the bookmarks I used a deeper pink & stamped love on them from the Feb. Studio G set. I made the ends of these with white & lighter pink hearts. The ribbon on these where pink with red hearts.
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SparkofWhimsy said...

These are adorable Lori. I think you managed to tone the "girliness" down just fine for a boy. I like how you were able to distinguish between the boys and the girls but still they are both "equal". I have such a hard time doing that when I try and am creating for both sexes.

Awesome job! I'd hate to tear into it for treats though! I also love how they have a bookmark to remember the day and gift by too! Not only creative, but super thoughtful. I just love that!


EverydayMe said...

Love these - I should have come over here before v-day... made the cards for Rainee's class... but didn't have anything fun for the candy goodies... thanks for inspiration... will remember this for the next goodie bag thing I need!!!
{{HUGS}} Michelle

Norine said...

what great treat boxes and a bookmark very creative

SparkofWhimsy said...

...don't kill me but you've been tagged. Come to my blog to see what I mean. *leaves a tiny little pebble for the stoning and runs*