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Friday, February 20, 2009

I've Been Purse Tagged

Thanks Angelique, she says with a sigh!! Don't worry your stone will be coming back at you when you least expect it, Ha Ha.
Disclaimer to this tag: I don't mind tags, I generally think they are kind of fun, however after this one - I will only play along with craft related tags.
Well, Angelique if you thought your purse was a let down for purse fanatics. Mine will be downright horrifying. I carry a purse on a daily basis for necessities. However, I am not a purse person. I generally buy a new purse when the current one is falling apart. Sometimes I might switch for a little while to basically a wallet on a strap. As for clutches or any kind of nighttime or dress up bag - forget it. If I'm out with hubby or out to have fun, I don't carry one at all. I don't remember exactly how much it was, probably around $20. No story, it was just time for a new one & this one was in front of me at of all places Sports Authority.
OK, the rules:
1) Show a pic of the purse you are using right now - not last weekend when you had a great date or special occasion - NO CHEATING!!!
2) Tell us how much it cost - No judgements will be made. And if there is a story behind the purse or you you got - Tell Us Please!!
Well here is my catastrophe of a purse........
Now I guess I have to pick 5 others for this daunting task. And for those that get this from me: 1) I am sorry. 2) Given my disclaimer, I understand if you don't pass it on.
The victims are:
KLW520 - Sorry I don't know your name.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing Lori. I promise not to "tag" you again. *grins* We can make the promise to each other and it's one less person we have to worry from getting it.

And yay...another person who doesn't like purses!!!