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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wall Letters: B & K

I made these for my uncle & his wife. They wanted them for her grandchildren.

Bryson: I was scared of this one because I had never done one for a boy before. They told me that his room was decorated with a sports them and the colors were mostly blue & tan.
I painted the B blue, then painted tan dots all over it. I thought about stripes, but then thought that might be too busy. I had some carstock embellishments (football & basketball) that someone had sent me, so I put them behind the holes in the B. I cut out the letters using Opposites Attract in shadow (tan) & regular (blue) . I heat embossed blue tinsel embossing powder over the blue letters. I them put on some sports buttons and I had some truck, tractor, & train buttons so I added them too. I sealed it all with Mod Podge & Krylon Preserve It. After it was all done - it was the easier one I have done yet.

Kamryn: I stressed even harder over this one. All they told me was her room is decorated in ladybugs. When I asked a color scheme they just said red & black. I could not do the letter re or black (& I definitely didn't want to do it solid black), b/c the ladybugs would not show up. So, when I had done the M for my niece HERE, my son said that it looked like flowers. So I thought, ladybugs live in gardens & this K was born.
I painted the base of the K in lavender. I then sponge painted light green, yellow, pink, & light blue over the lavender. I started using some flourish stitching stencils as a guideline (I can't sew or paint) to make some dark green flourishes all over it. It ended up being easier to just free hand them. So what I painted looks like vines growing all over the K. I cut the letters out in shadow (black) & regular (red) from Plantin Schoolbook. I also cut some very small circles out of black. I layered the letters & cut some of the circles & layered them onto the red letters. They look like ladybug letters. I used the 50 States Cart. for the flowers (Missouri - I think). I cut them in light purple with pink centers & placed them randomly on the vines. I also placed some ladybug buttons randomly & facing all different directions on the vines. I sealed all of the paper cuts with Mod Podge before adhering them to the K. I them sealed the entire letter with Krylon Preserve It.
I am most proud of this letter b/c I actually painted it, I love my ladybug letters, & most of all I figured out how to use a black & red theme for a little girl's room.
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments always welcomed.
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Chrissy C said...

Those are precious! They will love them!

Chrissy C said...

I left you a little something on my blog! Check it out!