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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sad Day: Cricut Imagine

I have not had much time to play with my new toy or get to know it much.  I made the one card, & made some cuts with my Gypsy on the Imagine, but that's about it.  I did not touch it for the past 2 days - too busy w/ family & holiday stuff.
 I tried to test some things on it tonight & it will not cut at all.  It will print, but not go through to the cutting system.  When I cut only, it pulles the mat in, stops, & the screen goes back to the mat image.  It will not release the mat.  It just prints & sticks out of the back of the machine.  I have to manually pull it out & turn off the machine.  I also cannot get my G to attach to the I. The I says that it is connected, but the G says that it is not connected to a Cricut. It does however connect to my E & cut.
I have faith in Provo Craft.  Hopefully this will be taken care of quickly & painlessly.  Well, as painless as it can be when I have to ship it back to them.  I will be calling PC Monday.

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed. Lori


Jeanette T. said...

Wow, sorry to read about your Imagine. I would like to get one but have decided to wait for the bugs to be worked out and the price go down. Hopefully PC will take care of you. Have a great day.

flowerdisco said...

same here and even then i really do not know if i will get it...inks--grr!!

cricutkris said...

Awww girl I know how you feel. I have had to send mine back for the 2nd time. It'll be 3 weeks till I see the returned one since they have changed the return policy. It stinks! Mine prints and cuts but sometimes the end cut doesn't match with the beginning cut and I have a "hangnail". Darn it...hope you get yours back soon and it works. You will love it! ~Kris

Laura said...

I had the same exact problem with mine. It seemed to get stuck on the left side in the back and would not go through. I was able to get mine to go through by bending the edge of my mat down really hard. So far this has worked. Fingers crossed that it will continue to. I do need to call PC and ask for a new mat though because I have ruined several projects because my cardstock just will not stay stuck! Hope you get yours back soon!