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Monday, August 2, 2010

Slow Posting for a While

I will not be posting much for a while.  I am getting ready for a craft fair in September & have A LOT of inventory to get together.  Actually there might be 2 craft fairs. One is fairly small & I might just take orders (not sure yet).  The other is a big rather popular craft fair.  They are both in September & only a week apart.  I do have some things that I am also making for some friends, so I might be able to get some of that posted, but it won't be much.  I just wish I had a lot of vacation time to get some of this done.  I'm starting to stress.  I only have a little over 7 weeks to go for the bigger craft fair.  Wish me luck!!!!
Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed. Lori


Kelly said...

Hi Lori!
Where is the craft fair going to be?
Good luck in getting everything together!

LiveLaughScrap said...

Chapelle High School, Just outside of New Orleans.

creativeprincess said...

Good luck! I would love to see pictures of your booth at the fairs and all the neat things you are making!

217 Creations said...

Good Luck!