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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Craft Fair Update & Inventory Status

Well the first craft fair that I was scheduled for was cancelled.  They are sending out a letter, but I'm hoping that it will be re-scheduled.  This does open up a little free crafting time though - which is greatly needed.  It also means that my inventory can be used for the 1 big craft fair that i do have going on.  It is a little bit of a relief.
Inventory is coming along.  But, as I have never done this before - I'm not sure how much to bring.  Since my projects are fairly small, it still looks like I don't have much.  So, I keep on working to make more.  I still have to organize it all into categories to see exactly what I have.  Hopefully this weekend that will get done.  I want to post pics of what I have done too.  Hopefully I'll get some feedback as to what is going right & what I might need to change or add.
Thanks for reading my rambling today!!!

Thanks for looking. Questions & comments are always welcomed. Lori


barbip said...

Oh! I can't wait to see what you've made :) I am doing my first craft fair this fall. I know exactly how you feel about not knowing how much to make. I'm sure your creations will be awesome!!!! Good luck! Let us know what did (and didn't) work.

Barbi P

creativeprincess said...

I am also doing a craft fair this fall. I did one a few years ago with some of my sewing rojects but I have never entered one as a paper crafter. With paper crafts it does look like you don't have a lot even though it feels like you are working in crafts non-stop. I am also struggling with pricing :(
Can't wait to see what you are making! I will be posting some of my projects very soon if you would like to check out my blog!